The UK's lowest free formaldehyde 2 pack system to date.

Low odour

Eye irritation free

Much extended pot life 

Available as:-

Clear Lacquer, White Primer and Pigmented Enamels.
Fast turnaround Speedline SL800. 


REACH legislation that comes into effect from 2020 will determine which products can still be used in coatings for wooden furniture. Top of the list is the control of free formaldehyde, the potential carcinogen which governs the present way finishing shops have to be run, in order to comply with Health and Safety Law.   

Intercoat have now tackled that problem face on for its Customers and produced the lowest free formaldehyde product on the market. Termed the EnviroLa/c system, it looks and behaves like a conventional acid catalysed product but when sprayed, the characteristic odour and eye irritation caused by free formaldehyde is very noticeably lessened.

During the curing process, spray shops have a more pleasant and safer working environment.

Even the high street end Customer will be aware of less residual odour when taking delivery of their furniture in their home   


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