Aqualine Water Based Coatings

Aqualine water based coatings

Water Based Sustainable Coatings

The Aqualine+ water based range has undergone comprehensive testing to simulate real-world conditions, ensuring durability against abrasion, impacts, and exposure to various substances. With this accreditation, manufacturers can trust Aqualine+ to enhance product appearance, provide superior protection, and ensure longevity.

AQ300, a two-pack Isocyanate cured water based polyurethane system represents a significant advancement in water-based coating technology. Designed to address the limitations of traditional solvent-based products, AQ300; offers unparalleled performance while mitigating environmental impact.

Key Features & User Benefits Include:

  • Reduced VOC Emissions: AQ300 cuts VOC emissions to meet environmental rules.
  • Improved Environmental Footprint: AQ300's water-based coating lowers waste disposal costs.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Reducing the use of the hazardous materials, plus reducing the level of isocyanate present in the applied finish
  • Elimination of Isocyanate Training and Costs: The low level of isocyanate present in 46600 catalyst avoids the requirement for diisocyanate training.
  • Enhanced Safety: AQ300 reduces fire risk, removing the need for special equipment.
  • Better Relations with Regulatory Authorities: AQ300's eco-friendly formula helps compliance.
  • Improved Storage and Logistics: AQ300 streamlines storage and logistics, boosting efficiency.
  • Complete Absence of Formaldehyde: AQ300 ensures a safe working environment by eliminating formaldehyde.

AQ400, a groundbreaking 2K water-based replacement for conventional solvent-based acid cured finishes. Designed primarily for the kitchen, bedroom, contract furniture, and shopfitting industry, AQ400 sets a new standard in hardness, performance, and environmental responsibility.

Key Features & User Benefits Include:

  • FIRA Gold Certification: AQ400 meets FIRA 6222-3 Spec, ensuring top quality recognized across the furniture industry.
  • Environmentally Friendly: AQ400 contains no formaldehyde or harmful solvents, making it safer for workers and better for the environment.
  • Eliminates Unpleasant Chemicals: AQ400 removes harmful chemicals found in traditional enamels, improving worker comfort.
  • Responds to Ecological Concerns: AQ400 reflects Intercoat Paints' commitment to ecological action and sustainability.
  • Technological Advancement: AQ400 offers superior performance while addressing issues of traditional solvent-based products.