Product Innovation

Our brands are well known to the UK furniture and wood finishing industry and Intercoat will continue to innovate as it has since 1974.
Kitchens, Shop displays, furniture and even coffins are coated in Intercoat's high tech products. Intercoat supply a wide range of waterbased and solvent based finishes from traditional oils, french polishes and varnishes through to exceptional products meeting BS6250 severe ratings. 

Designer paints such as Concrete and Metalicoat add a uniqueness to the Intercoat brand adding value and aesthetics.   


Inventing new possibilities for architects and spray-shops


The UK based Research Centre perfects formulations and create new ground breaking products such as Concrete, Metalicoat and the environmentally friendly EnviroLa/c .

The market shift towards water-based low VOC products is met with the recent launch of Aqualine, with its superb brightness and clarity.


The water-based lacquer within this range - Crystaline - is the first product of its kind to produce completely clear finishes and loose the traditional milky appearance so typical of current waterbased lacquers.


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