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News Article 4

Product 47650 has been developed to give tangible improvements over established brands such as Tru-Oil.  Based on natural oils with enhancements for storage, Intercoats Gun Stock oil is packaged in metal containers. This means it lasts for many seasons as it prevents the typical solvent loss and resultant collapse seen in plastic containers. It is fast drying and can be overcoated to achieve the level of gloss required. For...Read More


News Article 6

In 2017 Intercoat undertook a large investment and built its 4th laboratory. by addiding an additional floor to the previous laboratory and extending the area by another 50% the new lab is equipped fully for the development of the new products demanded by designers and sprayshops alike          Read More


News Article 7

A totally unique slide guitar has been built by Operations Manager, John Colthorpe using an Intercoat can and a child's electric guitar.  The soundholes are plug drainers and the string height is set with a Haiwiian nut extension. The inside was constructed from MDF panels to give support and in the process John set fire to it 3 times with his power tools. Set in open F# tuning ( F# Bb Db F# Bb Db - as the tension...Read More