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Looks like metal, feels like metal

Intercoat have developed Metalicoat, a coating for rigid substrates, which makes the article look metallic but still retains the weight and economics of traditional substrates.

It is a 3 component coating made up of a hardwearing resin base, a compatible hardener and a metal pigment.


Metalicoat can be coated onto: 




Plastics **


(** including  Polythene, Polycarbonate & ABS with a suitable adhesion promoter or primer)

Over-coating Metalicoat with a clear acrylic locks in the bright colours.

Alternatively the metal component of the film can be left to tarnish and oxidize. 


Metalicoat can be sanded & burnished to achieve a full metallic luster, typical of the metal incorporated in the film. It is sold in pack sizes of 2Kg and 10 kg.

A 1kg tester pack is also available with an application demonstration


Uses are really endless. It is currently used in kitchens, on baths, as a value added aspect to shop fitting projects and film sets.

For more information on Metalicoat see HERE


Kitchen image courtesy of Roundhouse Kitchens 


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